Thursday, January 9, 2014

boys new dresser

 Three of the drawers smelled like smoke so Seth took the doors off and made it into a closet.


Braden has been such a joy. He is so full of life and animation. 
 We can hardly believe he is 3 and yet watching him grow has been one of the most rewarding experiences.
Story #1
About 6 months ago I gave a talk in church. As I stood there at the pulpit I could see my number one fan standing up on the bench in the way back. Braden was intently listening to every thing I said. As I closed my remarks and returned to my seat on the stand I heard a very loud, clear voice shout out "OK MOM". The congregation laughed as we all realized that at least one person liked what I had to say :)
 Story #2
Just recently Seth sang in the choir at church. Once again Braden stood there and intently watched his daddy on the stand. When the choir finished Seth came down the isle to return to sit with us. Braden took off up the isle at full speed into his fathers arms as he yelled "YEAH DAD", "GOOD JOB DAD". Once again the congregation knew Seth had a FAN:)

 Braden's zeal for life is felt by everyone. He wants to learn everything and tackle every problem. Recently he decided he wanted to learn how to take pictures. The picture below is one he took.
 He also likes to take pictures of himself. They always come out looking the same... eyes closed, no smile.
Story #3
Braden on his own took a picture of himself on my phone (It looks very similar to this one). He then somehow replaced my backdrop with his picture. Now every time I open my phone I laugh. I have no idea how he figured out how to do that. He just figures things out.

 The picture above is Seth when he was 5 outside his primary class.
Since this was Braden's first day of Primary we decided to take a picture of him as well.
He is holding his Daddy's picture (the above picture). He loves this picture. It sits in Seth's scriptures and Braden takes it out every Sunday and holds it.

 Braden fell asleep at nap time holding his trains. When Braden loves something he loves it with all he has. He is a "go big or go home" kind of kid.
We love this little boy!!!! Our goal is to raise him to love the Lord and love to learn. But so far he is doing a better job teaching us these things!!!

Braden turns 3

Our first born is 3!!!!!
How quickly time goes by...
 Braden is really into trains, plains, and cars. So I tried to make him a train cake. I am not very creative so this is the best i could do. I was pretty proud of myself though:)
 Seth took him on a special. They were going to go to the movies but "Frozen" was sold out so they went shopping instead. Mostly it was just bonding time. Braden was sosooooo happy. His dad is his favorite person in the world so it was just what he needed.

 Tanner really wanted a picture with me. hehe kids make me laugh.

 Braden wanted to play with his train instead of eat cake so his little brother stepped up to the plate. ;)
 Grandma Pat made him the most incredible quiet book. It is about
noah's ark and the animals. Braden loved it.  I tried to get a picture of him hugging it but I was too late.
It was cute though.

baby changing table changed into kitchen island

My wonderful friend gave me this baby changing table. I was so excited to have it.
The kids love to play on it. They would pretend they were sleeping and make me cater to their needs :)
But then I realized I needed another dresser for the boys room and we needed to put the pack-and-play up. So.... their was no more room to keep this little table.

But... We desperately needed an Island for the kitchen. So I talked to my wonderful husband and he worked hard and fast to get it done for me by Christmas.
 Isn't it beautiful. He put wheels on it so I can pull it around my kitchen. The stove in the background has no counter space on either side of it. So this is a life saver.
 He spent about $1.50 on the wood cause he used the scrape wood in Home Depot.

So really the $15 wheels was the most expensive thing. Yeah for repurposing:)

Christmas 2013

 Christmas this year was WONDERFUL!!! It was our first Christmas without any family around. I was a little nervous about it but it turned out to be such an incredible Christmas.
 Santa definitely came to our house this year. The gifts under the Christmas tree were from Santa and Joel and Cindy.
Joel and Cindy got some chocolates and some strop waffles (that's not how you spell it but I don't speak Dutch:) from the Netherlands (where Seth served his mission) and sent them to us. It made Seth's day. He loved eating them and remembering his mission:)
 The boys immediately went to Sadie's gift cause it was the only one not wrapped:)

 They got lots of books and puzzles.

 Santa brought her this cute teething ring that she will need and love here shortly.
 Cindy also sent Sadie some clothes. This one says "My 1st Christmas" so we put it right on her.

 Santa brought the boys a train set  and legos and Sadie a car seat toy. I felt spoiled having Santa be so good to us :)

 We watched the Nativity movie.
 They loved their new toys.
Seth made me this Island.
And Seth got some new clothes.
It was an incredible Christmas.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

I don't have very many pics from this night but I wanted to talk about it so in the future I can implement this idea,

Our Bishop every year invites any one in his ward that has no family around or families that are struggling, over to a huge dinner. After dinner we all gathered in the family room and sang hymns. After the last hymn, Silent Night we were told that if we turned out the lights and were really quiet Santa might come. We sat silently for a few minutes and then quietly Santa snuck in and placed a gift for each child under the tree (parents were informed ahead of time). It was fun to see the excited looks on the kids faces as they watched him. The only lights on ewre the Christmas tree lights so you couldn't see Santa real well but just enough. Then he snuck out again. One he was gone we turned the lights on and the children ran to the tree to find their gift.

It was such a neat idea. We loved it.

Tis the night before Christmas

We actually went to some friends for Christmas Eve, so we did this two nights before Christmas.
 We put our tent up and told the kids about Mary having her baby in a manger. Then we talked about the wise men bringing gifts.
 Then each kid got one gift to open.
 Lastly the kids got to stay up late and watch a movie on the computer with Seth and I.

 Gift opening:) Tanner was super excited to get two coloring books :)