Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 There was two other families in the ward that don't have any family in town so we all got together.

 This is Tesha and Joeseph Jensen. They are our very good friends. They have two boys about the same age as our boys so we have a ton of fun.
 Sadie slept for most of it. :)

 This is Nicole and Jon Thomas. They have the two little twin boys that are in a bunch of different pics :)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Light houses

 We have some beautiful light houses here in New Hampshire.
I love the symbolism of the light house.
When life gets rocky and the waves are crashing in on us... just look up, find the light house and it with guide you safely home.

Seth;s New York trip

 Seth went to New York with his MBA class. And of course no New York trip is complete without Elmo:)

 He went to the New York stock exchange.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sadie update

Just a little update on our little girl.
 She now smiles all the time.
She loves her brothers. They crawl in her pack and play quite often and she just smiles at them.
 She sleeps through the night in her own bed.
She is learning how to laugh.
She loves to stick her whole fist in her mouth and suck on it.
She is my first baby that does not like a binky.
She is sweet and wonderful!!!!!!

my 28th Birthday

 For me 28th birthday Seth took our whole family out to eat. This is the first time in a year and a half that we went to a sit down restaurant with our kids that was not fast food.
 We were super nervous how they would act. They were wonderful. It was a great birthday surprise.

 Sadie slept the whole time and we kept the boys busy with coloring and food. :)
 It was a quant little german restaurant with the best gluten free chocolate cake I have EVER had!!!!

Sadie's blessing day

 The three generation picture.

 Some thing I love about my parents is that they are always holding hands:) (you can see Cindy in the computer because we were skyping her at the time)

 Cute little smile :)
 my sister Julie made her bracelet and head band. She looked so beautiful!!!