Saturday, November 30, 2013

Growing little girl in the month of Nov

Once again I am combining a bunch of pictures because I am behind.
This is her growth in the month of November.

 seth's boss made her this blanket. It is the cutest little hip blanket I have ever seen. Each color of thread has a different feel to it. So the different texture and color add to the trendyness of it. :)
 Tanner loves to play with his toys around his little sister. He just adores her.

 Sleeping on the job:)

 Julie sent us some bows so we finally get to really dress her up. yeah!!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Toddlers at play

Since I have been missing in action over the past month I decided to post all of our little activities in one spot. So this is a few of the hands-on activities I have done with the boys in the month of November:)

 We made some type of goop with corn starch and water.

 Tanner seemed to enjoy this more Than Braden. In the pic below you can see how concerned Braden looks :)
 This was a super fun activity. I just put them in the tub (aka tote) with water color. They loved it.
This is just the beginning but by the time they were done there was paint all over the walls and themselves:) The best part is the easy clean up:) We did this at least three times before the paint ran out.

 We love to play with the big white beans. They are easy to clean up and a ton of fun. We do this often:)

 My friend Emily helped me think of this. I have done this activity with spaghetti noodles but this was WAY WAY WAY better.

 Toilet paper is a great way to practice stacking if you don't have blocks. Which we don't.

 Nocking them is the best part.

 Water play is something we do almost DAILY. We have this fun old sink that we just love.

 This was our first attempt at cookie decorating. They enjoyed eating the candy more than decorating:)