Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nothing better than these moments

Underwear-on-our-head epedemic

I have heard that all kids go through this stage. I was so happy to see that we had arrived !!!!!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Learning videos

 We got some learning videos for the kids to watch when I was not feeling good.
 They love them. They are called Preschool Prep and they have taught Braden his colors and shapes so far.

Don't worry we do other things besides watch movies all day:)

The creativity of little minds

This last week has been really hard on me because I am so uncomfortable. We have not been going to the park as often cause I have to walk up a hill both ways and it just kills me.

It has been so fun for me to watch my children be creative with this little tiny apartment we have and the few things we have in it.
 Suit case, repurposed to a bed.

 Diaper box, repurposed into his boat ( He is so expressive with his faces)
 This is a Johnny -Jump -up repurposed into pants :)

 This use to be a bucket to hold his bath toes, repurposed to be some type of telescope:)

 Happy boy:)
 "I have a car and a doll, now what?"

 A piece of scrap wood, repurposed into a track for their cars.

 And of course the classic plastic bag repurposed into a puppet:)

 Stroller, repurposed into everything. Hahahah you can not imagine what this stroller goes through:)
 Happy boy:)
 Both boys love this thing.
 Rubber ducky repurposed into a pacifier. I laughed so hard at this. I decided to try and take his pacifier away except for at nap times. He didn't skip a beat, he just went and found something else:)

I love my creative little boys:)