Thursday, July 25, 2013


This is Tanner's favorite cuddling position. He tucks his arms in and curls up tight to me. This is the only picture that I have that captures it, thanks to my sister Sherri. He is getting older and is growing out of this stage and it makes me sooooo sad. I am eternally grateful for this picture so I can remember this stage forever.

I am starting to cry just thinking about him no longer snuggling me. Being a mom is the biggest blessing in the world. It is worth every sleepless night, every hard day. It is not a sacrifice to be a mom, it is an honor. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for my children and the joy they bring me.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pioneer Day

 One of the wards in our stake put together a pioneer day. It was so fun. Tanner loved the animals.
 Braden likes to keep a safe distance:)

 This is his safe distance for saying hi to the pigs:) hahaha he makes me laugh.

 This is Braden making his own butter. Your suppose to shake it for a little while and then it's good to put on your bread. Well... This activity did not intrigue him very much. So I ended up making the butter.:)
 At first glance this looks like a friendly hug but in fact it is Braden trying to redirect Tanner and Tanner resisting him. But for the sake of fun let's just say they are hugging each other :)
I love my boys!!!!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

painting with water colors.

 This was the boys first time with water colors and they loved it.

 Yes... I know I need to find a way to get Tanner up higher. He looks so funny in this picture where all you can see is his little head and flaring arms :)

After we were done Tanner walked around with his "master piece" and continued to color on it with his TOTALLY DRY brush for hours. ( probably because he could actually reach it :) He loved this activity.

Have no bath tub? No problem

 We use a tote in our shower because we have no bathtub. P.S. I tried to put Braden in a swimming suit for these pictures  but he was not having it. He is ALL boy... naked every chance he can get :) So.... we put this big drawing thing in there to keep him modest:)
 Both the boys fit in the tote and it keeps them happy for a very long time while I lay on the floor outside the bathroom door and watch them. Oh the life of a tired mom:)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Seth's 31st birthday.

I am so sad cause the boys and I walked a mile to the library where Seth was working. We took him a lunch and made Happy Birthday signs. But my camera died and I did not get any of the pictures. For memory sake... Seth said the image of Braden running toward him holding his birthday sign is engraved in his memory. Braden was so excited to see his dad and give him his sign. It really was the cutest thing!!!!!

 For Dinner we did Spaghetti, (Olson style).
 You take a raw zucchini and grate it (stop when you get to the seeds, you don't want that part). Now put on the sauce.
It's that simple. No carb crash with this meal. Seth loves it this way. We both feel so light and happy instead of heavy and tired afterwards.

 Our new table was not quite finished at this point.

 We have some happy kids. Happy Birthday Seth!!!!!!!!!

You can never get too much of the beach

 We actually got brave and got in this time. It takes about five min for your body to turn so numb that you don't feel the cold, and then it is a lot of fun. :)
 There's me... 7 months pregnant and white enough to blind the whole beach :)

 Braden is concerned about leaving his momma behind and Tanner (in red) has forgotten he even has a momma :)

 Tanner loves water. He would run toward the water until a wave came toward him and then he would come running back laughing. And repeat. :)
 We really need to get him a swimming suit. I just keep forgetting. oh well, he will forgive me.

cute boys

Saturday, July 13, 2013

refinished dinnig room table and chairs

 We got this on the side of the road. It was in pretty bad shape.
 We had to take off the whole top layer since it was all weathered.

 These chairs we had gotten at Costco and we love them but the fabric has obviously been in a family with children :)

 We painted these white to match the table we were doing. We used Tanner's crib sheet for the fabric because it was the perfect look I was going for. Not the cheapest route but I really loved this chevron look. We bought a clear shower curtain for $2 and put it on top of the fabric so that the plastic would be child proof.

 The table got a grey stain on top and white on the bottom. These pictures don't do it justice. It is so beautiful :)

 We still have two more chairs to paint white. I was just too excited to wait. I had to post this cute table and chair makeover :) We love it so much!!!!!!