Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brother of Jared

The Scriptures are full of Heros. When our children have a problem they should be able to turn to the  scriptures for answers. I have started a Family Home Evening series called "Come to know your Heros". I want these great men and women to come to life for my children. I want them to get excited about reading about these people that they have come to know and love.
What ever I have in bold is what I have posted on the board to see and remember all week. The rest is what we talk about during FHE.

1. What did the Lord ask the brother of Jared to do?
              -Ether 2:16

2. What is the first step when you have a problem?
                -Ether 2:33

3. What can we expect from the Lord.
                -Ether 3:4

background: The brother of Jared was told to "go to work and build" barges. He came across a problem and went to the Lord with it. The Lord ask "what would ye that I should do"? So the Lord wants us to take a plan to Him so He can help us. Then the Brother of Jared took the plan to the Lord to have him touch the stones. He knows the Lord wants to help him and he says "I know, O Lord, that thou hast all power...therefore touch these stones"

This is a pattern for us and our children:)

Green week

 We are learning the color green so we gathered some green things from around the house.
 The tent is green so we busted it out.

 We would put colors on the wall and have him pick out the green one. He has not gotten it right yet but we are still working on it:)
 We invited some friends over for "messy day" and had them find all the green fish around the room. He has one in his room and the another is on the door.
 My friend Trish held Tanner practically the whole time.
 Of course they all wanted to play in the tent.
 Then for "Messy Day" we took whip cream and colored on the floor with it.

Braden was the last one playing and he LOVED it.

My power breakfast

Ok I love this breakfast. As long as I have quinoa I eat this every morning. It is full of good stuff.

I start by making a huge batch of quinoa and rice once a week. That way it is easy to make every morning. So here it is.

quinoa/rice/millet mixture
chia seeds
sesame seed
greek yogurt
almonds (if I have them)
apple ( if I have it)
grapes  (if I have it)

All these ingredients I have looked up and have found them to be very beneficial to my body.
If vegan or cutting back on animal products just replace the yogurt with apple sauce.

Beech Hill Farms

Trip to the beach

 Early Sunday morning before church we drove down to the beach.

 It was Braden's first time at the beach.

Seth took Braden closer while I stayed with Tanner who was sound asleep in the car:(

Micky Mouse

 Braden's Aunt Sherri gave this Micky Mouse to him and he loves it.

 Here he is trying to put it in his crib so he can have it during nap time:)

Dresser number two

I forgot to take before pics but it was an old brown piece. I painted it white and distressed it to match the other one.

Dresser number one

 Braden always helps me with my projects.
 This is the before shot.
 Here he is helping me paint.
 Isn't his paint job beautiful.
 This is the after shot. See cute little Tanner in the crib:)

Little Tanner growing up:)

 So Cute!!!!!

 Mom made this coat. So cute!!!!!!

 Hanging out in mom's laundry:)
 He got himself under this couch by pushing and squirming:)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

article of faith 13

 For Family Home Evening Seth and I memorized the 13th Article of Faith. Seth is in an environment where he is asked questions about our beliefs. I thought it would be good to know all 13 articles of faith. We started with the last one because in my opinion it sums up that we are good christian people.
Here is the link to the rest of them.

Letter A, color Red---Preschool

 We played this game where we played music and when the circle was green you dance...
 When the circle was red you STOP. He loved the game and never wanted to STOP:)
 We found Red toys to play with. This was a wagon I played with as a little girl. It belonged to my Grandma.

 Of course we had to have a red ball.

 And a red chair to read in:)
 For The Letter 'A' we have this song that teaches the sound that 'A' makes and gives an action to do with it. Here he is making the sound while doing the action.
 We used glue to write the letter 'A' so he could trace it. And of course it is on Red paper.

 My sister gave me the idea of letting them play in jello.  Of course it is Red jello.
Her link is here
 Unfortunately my son does not like to get dirty. Im not sure what that is all about:)
 So we did Red grapes instead. And my husband ate the jello:)