Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All the rest of our adventure in one.

 Over the Mississippi River

 We stopped to see Seth's brother Jamie.

 Arriving at our new place.
 We went for a walk and got some food.

 This is our new house. Cute huh?

 We were blessed to get mom and Dad to come see us.

 This is Seth's college.

 There is an amazing park across the street.

 watching a movie together in our new home.

 One of the libraries in New Hampshire.
These pics are out of place. one is the bridge over the mississippi, the other is mom when she came to visit.

Fun with Sherri's family

We met Sherri's family, and their little friend in Nauvoo.

 This park use to be owned by Seth's ancestors. That was really neat for him.
 Next we  went to carthage jail.

 A bullet hole through the door.

 The whole experience was incredible.

 After wards we went to a hotel.

 The kids made chalk art for us. We loved it.

 I am sooo lucky!!!

 This is only a sample of the fun art work they did for us.

 Luke's is a picture of the Nauvoo temple.

(Our boys are only a few month difference in age:)
It was so good to see them all and be in such a spiritual place.