Monday, July 9, 2012

Seth's 30th birthday cont.

 This is what I did to remind him of the wonderful memories of the last 30 years.
 I hung 20 pictures down the hall...
 and put 10 items on the bed. Each one had a note to remind him of the event.
 Some of the pictures were of tender moments and...
 some were fun moments. He loved it all!!!
 We invited the family over and had a cook out.

 Lisa made him cupcakes with a chocolate golf ball on top. It was a great week end!!!!

Seth's 30th birthday cont.

 After boiling we went to Neaders for dinner.
Tina and Randy joined us.

Seth turned 30

 Seth's sister Lisa made him a birthday cake that was unbelievable.

 We went boiling with his friends.
 This is our niece Riley.
 Boiling and being daddy:)
 This was Braden's favorite spot.
 This was Braden's first time boiling:)

 But most of the time he just crawled around:)
 This is one of Seth's friends, Brian. He is holding his boy and our little Tanner.

 This is Seth's friend Nate. Being a dad never ends , even when boiling:)

Tanner is growing:)

Braden follows daddy around

Tina love

 My boys LOVE Aunt Tina!!!

 They also love eachother!!!!

 This is the tee pee that Im making. (Ill post the instructions when I finish)
 Braden decided it was a good place to read, even if it wasn't finished:)