Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Braden's first official haircut

 Braden's aunt Lisa cut his hair today.

 He did such a good job holding still.  ( I love his cute cheeks:)

He looks so different. I have to admit it was super hard for me to let go of his curls. I think the first haircuts are far harder on the moms then the children:) He is now my little toddler:)

Chicken Salad and veggies

This is the same chicken salad you would put on a sandwich  but since I do not eat much bread Pat put it on a tomatoe. Fantastic idea!!

Horse back riding

 Lisa took Emma and Braden horse back riding.

 Braden was making the best posing faces:)

Just like Dad!

Father's Day 2012

 We took this picture to give to Jim for Father's Day.
Seth's family all came to spend the day.
 I had beeb up all night preparing so I was tired:)
 Seth's dad, Jim got this picture that said " The best dads are promoted to grandpas"
I got the idea from pinterest.
 Jim loved it.

 In church Braden decorated this popcorn bag for Seth.
 Three generations!!!
 Jim put his picture on the night stand!!
 I got this candy graham idea also on pinterest. We helped Riley make it for Tim.
 He loved it.

It was a good day!!!! (I also got this idea from pinterest)


This is a container that holds his toys and can also be used as a drum but Braden likes to use it as a helmet:)