Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our life long friends

 Seth has some buddies that he went to high school with.
They are still best friends and when ever we can we get together.

 This Beautiful guest house has an indoor basketball court and rock wall.
A mans dream:)

 We are the wives, and we have become great friends.
Holly Miller, Debbie Olson, EliseMiller and Lindy Hansen

 Seth took this great picture!

This could have been a great pic but My little man did not want me to stop swinging:)

Sledding with Craig's family

 This was Braden's first time to go sledding and he loved it.

 This is Craig's youngest, Eyering.
Soooo cute!!!

 They let Braden borrow one of their snow coats:) 

 I only went down once because I'm 31 weeks pregnant 
and when my sled wouldn't stop at the bottom I panicked:) 

 So... I had Craig take him down.
Seth was at work...
An uncle is the next best thing:)

We all had a great time. Next year Braden will have his own snow suit!!!