Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun with the Mason family

 Seth spent hours playing with the children. 

 They all love him!!

A good bye filled with love!!!!

Braden loves the Mason family

Fun on the motorcycle

 We had a ton of fun out on Julie's motorcycle.
 She crashed a year ago so it was a big step for her to get back on and ride again.
 She did a fabulous job!!!!
 Seth of course was excited to take a turn.
 I guess I'm not too adventurous cause I was just fine riding behind him
instead of going myself.

It was a blast!!!

Visit to Julie and Tim's = baby shower

 Riley now 6 made this adorable welcome sign for us :)
 Julie and Tim's family totally surprised us by throwing us a baby shower!!!

 They had everything decorated for the event. It was so fun!!!!

 You cant have a party without balloons :)

 Tim made the best lasagna I have ever had!
Desert was the cutest hearts made out of strawberry zingers. 
We felt so incredibly loved!!!

Valentines 2012

 I created a camping experience in our basement.
 You cant see them but there are battery powered candles under the sticks for our fire.
                                                          with sheets i made a tent
 Braden loved it but what he loved even more was ...
 The stairs :)

 Seth bought me the most beautiful flowers and a dozen cupcakes.
I just love that man!!!!!
 Seth made sure to spend plenty of time with his son on Valentines :)

Learning about our Savior

 Grandma Olson made this book all about our Savior Jesus Christ.
 Braden loves it!!!