Saturday, January 21, 2012

reupholstering a wing back chair with Seth and Braden

 We got this chair at Savers for $13. It was so dirty Seth did not want me to bring it inside:)

 Taking all the old material off was no walk in the park but don't worry Braden was 
there to help me:

 Seth was a huge help, I could not have done it without him.

 Here is the final outcome!!!
 I love this chair!!!!!
We still have one more wingback chair and a couch left the go, so....
stay tuned!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

upholstering my dinning rom chairs

 Seth and I inherited these pink chairs from his Grandma. The 
only problem is Seth didn't want pink in his dinning room:)
This is my step by step upholstering job...
 After I picked out the fabric I turned the chairs upside down and 
took out the screws. 
 Then I laid it on the fabric, which is a light off white color.
 I stapled one staple on the back to secure...
 ... and then  I did the front of the seat first. When stapling you want to start in the
middle and work out. Making sure it is smooth and tight.
 For the corner I just gave it a little pleat. I stapled the pleat three times to secure it.
 This is it all stapled.
 I then screwed it back into the chair.
 This is the finished product. The picture makes it hard to see the difference between the 
first and last but trust me there is a big difference.
 My sister Tina and my husband Seth helped me:)

It ia soooo easy. Even a pregnant woman can do it:)

Our hike through Zions National Park with Ryan and Holly