Saturday, November 19, 2011

Love of reading!!!

 Braden loves his books.
 I catch him with his books all over the house.

 Even during nap time he spends his time with his books.

He is such a joy!!!!!

Love of the piano

Wacky party for Emma

 Emma missed Halloween with her dad so we threw her a November
Wacky party.
 We set up a stage so we could take pictures. These were taken before we 
got all dressed up. 
 I think they turned out sooo cute.
 All the chairs were turned up side down. Pictures were slanted and 
diapers were hanging from the lights:)
 Shoes were on the coat rack and we made a entry
that required crawling:)
 This was our stage. You can hardly see it but we had foot prints on the ceiling.
 An up side down snowman made by Randy and Emma.
 Even the bush out front was decorated.

What a cute little three sum!!!
 We invited Randy's brother's and their kids.
They had to eat the ice cream with weird utensils.
 It was fun to watch them struggle. Emma has an ice cream scoop for her spoon.

 This snow man makes me laugh:)
 Even Braden needed a wacky costume.
It was a fun party.

Braden's first Halloween

 Braden was the cutest little tiger ever!!!
 We went to his dad's work to go trick-or-treating. 
When ever he got a chance he would reach in the bag and pull out a candy.. 
He doesn't know what to do with candy so he would just bang them
together in a happy triumphant way:)

This is a "Little" party

 When I walked up to my door there was this big area pointing to 
a little sign.
 The little sign was the cutest invitation to a little party!!!!
 My sister Kristina had decorated with little strings in celebration of my birthday:)
 She made hot chocolate and put it in Little cups. Little did she know 
they were not cups at all- they were the lids to my sons bottles and they 
all had holes on the sides of them:) We got a good laugh out of that!!!
 She gave everyone Little crowns. So cute!
 She took three different sized cookies, frosted them and made a Little cake.
 She took the chips Bugles, got the carmel flavored ones and dished up
a Little bit of ice cream on to each.
 It was a small bite of Wonderful!!!
 I was in heaven with my Little cake and ice cream!!!!!
 To top things off, she had a Little game to play after we were all full on our bite 
sized portions:)
It was the perfect Little party!!!