Sunday, March 1, 2015

We spent Christmas of 2014 with Ryan and Amy and their kids

 The kids loved to play the piano with the girls. Especially Tanner.

 Tanner and Braden loooooove their cousins!!!!!!

 I wish I had more pictures of Tanner but he is a fast moving kid :)

 first time licking the whip cream off. She was soooo excited.!!!1

 They invited friends over and had a nice dinner and then a pinnata (how do you spell that?)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

2014 family pics

I love this picture because Braden cant get enough of this plane. he played with it the whole weekend!!!!!!

 I am posting so many because the kids have so many cute faces. :) :)

 I love Sadie's smile in this one!!!!!
 This is another favorite just because Braden is back to his plane and Tanner is ready to fly away. He is a larger than life little boy :)

Thanksgiving door 2014

Friday, February 27, 2015

we just love these kids

 Tanner and Braden took scissors to their hair. It was so funny, they were missing large chunks of hair. We were sad to buzz their hair off but it had to be done. :)

 I love pictures of sleeping babies.

 These kids have such a great bond with their daddy!!!!!!!

 almost as tall as me already ! they grow too fast !!!!!

2014 Halloween door

Seth got these Chinese outfits from the Great Wall of China

 They were so excited about their candy :)